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Application for Courtesy Credit Adjustment for Excessive Consumption


Effective October 26, 2016, the FKAA offers a Courtesy Credit Adjustment for Excessive Consumption. The Authority shall abate a portion of a bill for Water and Wastewater Service under the following conditions:

POLICY 48-105.009
1. The leak must be underground, within a foundation, or inside a wall and not caused by the negligence of the Customer.
2. The Customer must present a plumbers report verifying that the leak satisfied the criteria in (1)(a)(1) and the leak has been repaired.
3. The Customer must request in writing that the Authority abate the charges and include the above information in the request within ninety (90) days after discovering the leak. Failure to make a timely request shall be a waiver of the Customer’s right to seek abatement.
4. If abatement is granted, the Customer will be required to pay an amount equal to twice the monthly water consumption based upon the Active Account for the corresponding month during the previous year. When previous consumption history is unavailable, the Authority will use 5,300 gallons as a monthly average for a Residential User or the Authority may base the amount of future usage after the repair.
5. When the Authority determines that unexplained consumption is occurring at a premises, it will make a reasonable attempt to notify the Customer of such increased consumption as soon as practicable, and will inform the Customer of its abatement procedure at the time of such notification. Under no circumstances shall failure to provide such notice constitute a basis for imputing liability to the Authority for any such increased water consumption.
* All back up documentation is required upon submission of abatement application.
* A payment is required upon submission of abatement application

Please contact our Customer Service Department at (305) 296-2454 if you have further questions

Customer Information
Mailing Address of the Requester
Service Address of the Property

As the customer for the above referenced Account and Location, I hereby request a “Courtesy Credit Adjustment for Excessive Consumption”, FKAA Policy 48-105.009, which occurred at this property during the billing period of:

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    Acknowledge & Sign

    In requesting this adjustment, I acknowledge the following:

    • The excessive consumption occurred within the past 90 days.
    • The excessive consumption was due to a leak which was underground, within a foundation or inside a wall and was not cause by negligence.
    • The request must be in writing (via this form) or by email which includes these acknowledgements.
    • I am providing a plumbers bill or receipts for parts to evidence that the leak was repaired.
    • I will be responsible for payment of two times my consumption for the same period of the prior years and the Leak Adjustment will be calculated on the remaining balance.
    • If consumption history is unavailable, the FKAA will use 5,300 gallons as a monthly average for a residential user. For all other Users, the FKAA will use an average derived from similar Users in its Service Area.

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