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Senior Citizens/Disabled American Veterans Application

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority is authorized to establish a lower rate on the residential account of certain persons who meet the maximum income allowance and are 60 years of age or older, or a permanently disabled American Veteran. Such qualified individuals are required to submit an application for eligibility. The below income requirements have been adopted by our Board. New applications are accepted throughout the calendar year but expire every March 31st. Applicants must reapply prior to March 31st to avoid interruption of your discount. This discount will only be applicable on your primary residence. Veteran applicants do here by certify that they are totally and permanently 100% disabled, as determined hereby Veterans Affairs. VA disability income is excluded as income for this program. All other income for all household occupants is required to be included.

Maximum Annual Household Income to Qualify - 2022

Monthly Annually
Individual $3,345.00 $40,140.00
Household $6,690.00 $80,280.00

This certificate must be signed by account holder

FKAA           Form Updated December 2020